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24_7 emergency work

Superior Septic Field Services

Proper diagnosis of the problem is critical to finding the right remedy for septic issues. Often you don't need a new septic system but only need to repair the existing system to save thousands of dollars!

  • Gravity and pressure dose systems

  • Aerobic and simple dosing systems

  • Gravity feed trickle flow

  • Pump assisted pump dose

  • Pump assisted pressure distributed

  • Grade pressure distribution

  • Elevated sand mound

ATL certified system and service

You will get finished grade, landscape replacement, final seed, and straw landscaping services from Estes Sewer & Septic Service.


Restoration is done with a Terralift machine which allows us to stop and repair leach field clogging. We will rejuvenate the field and extend the life of your septic tank system.

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Our team is highly experienced in installing new septic systems. You can also call us to make necessary repairs to your system.


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